Data privacy protection

without compromise

We help your organization to remove the feeling of uncertainty and doubt regarding data privacy and replace it with a sense of freedom and possibilities. Being able to maximize the use of your data to the fullest with a feeling of 100% security is what we stand for!

Protecting privacy sensitive data quickly and easily

Our solutions are designed to assist you in protecting your sensitive data as quickly and easily as possible. An easy implementation process instead of a burden on application management with one central installation that can easily connect to all your data sources!

Protect each sensitive attribute the way that fits your use-case

Decide for yourself how you protect privacy-sensitive attributes within your data sources. Choose from a wide range of anonymization methods and standardized actions.

AI-powered data privacy protection

Through our AI models you can automatically identify privacy-sensitive data within your dataset and validate whether the anonymized result meets your specified requirements.

Always in control of your sensitive data and protection measures

Thanks to comprehensive logging within the Privinity Privacy Platform, you are fully capable of demonstrating which actions have been performed and by whom.

Data privacy protection directly integrated in your processes

Easily connect to all your data sources and start automating the anonymization of your privacy-sensitive data whenever you want. For instance, after a database refresh or data export.

How we support organizations with their data privacy protection challenges

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