Ease of use

Making data privacy protection available for everyone

At Privinity, our goal is to make data privacy accessible to everyone. We achieve this by focusing on the usability of our solution for all users, aiming for minimal complexity with maximum effectiveness.


Automatically discover privacy sensitive data.

Don’t know where privacy-sensitive data is located within your data sources? Manually checking each table and column can be a laborious task and requires extensive knowledge of the technical storage of data.

Privinity’s AI algorithms make your search for privacy sensitive data much easier by automatically scanning your data source and detecting privacy sensitive information.

Protecting sensitive data quickly and easily

Our solutions are designed to assist you in protecting your sensitive data as quickly and easily as possible. There’s no complex installation with a high impact on application management; instead, a single central setup that seamlessly connects to all your data sources!

Import and share your anonymization configurations

Share your own developed configurations with other Privinity Privacy Platform users or import an existing configuration from another user. This way, you not only contribute to protecting privacy-sensitive data within your own organization but also assist other organizations with their data privacy challenges!

Plan a Proof of Concept

Curious about how the Privinity Privacy Platform can protect the privacy-sensitive data within your organization? Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), we demonstrate all the capabilities within your own environment right away!