The Privinity AI algorithms support you in everything you do within the platform


AI algorithms are a crucial part of the Privinity Privacy Platform and assist you in the inventory, classification, and protection of privacy-sensitive data.


Automatically detect privacy sensitive attributes within your datasets so that you always know where privacy sensitive data is stored.


Detected privacy sensitive attributes are categorized into different types of personal data, along with recommendations on how best to protect them.


During and after anonymization, our algorithms monitor to ensure that everything is adequately protected and meets your expectations.


Automatically discover privacy sensitive data

Don’t have a clear overview where privacy sensitive data is located within your data sources? Manually checking each table and column can be a laborious task, requiring extensive knowledge on how the data is technically stored.

Privinity’s AI algorithms make your search for privacy sensitive data much easier by automatically inventorying your data source and detecting privacy sensitive information.

Detect changes in your data sources

Our AI algorithms continuously monitor the anonymization process. If new privacy sensitive attributes are added to your data model during a change, they are automatically detected and classified. This ensures that you don’t overlook any privacy sensitive data!

Optimize the detection of sensitive data on your environment

Our AI algorithms continuously learn and improve their ability to detect and classify privacy-sensitive data. You can assist them by providing feedback on detection results or by adding patterns and words to our dictionaries.

Evaluate the quality of anonymization

After anonymizing a data source, you naturally want to ensure that it is adequately protected. Therefore, an automatic assessment takes place after anonymization, which checks the entire data source based on various anonymization quality tests, such as k-anonymity.

Plan a Proof of Concept

Curious about how the Privinity Privacy Platform can protect the privacy-sensitive data within your organization? Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), we demonstrate all the capabilities within your own environment right away!