Privinity Privacy Platform

Enterprise level data privacy protection

The Privinity Privacy Platform offers you a complete data privacy protection solution to safeguard all your data within your organization in a standardized manner, regardless of how or where this data is stored.

All your settings and configurations are securely stored centrally within your own Privinity Privacy Platform environment.

Our auto-detection algorithms assist you in locating, categorizing, and protecting privacy-sensitive data.

Through our APIs, you can easily integrate data privacy protection into your data processing and development processes.

Anonymize faster than ever before using our unique anonymization algorithms, ensuring that the anonymization process is executed as efficiently as possible.

On-premises anonymization, centralised configuration

The complete setup of your own Privinity Privacy Platform environment is stored in the Privinity Cloud. This allows you to easily apply and manage your data privacy protection measures from any location and workspace.

Through the Privinity Runtime client, a connection is established between your own Privinity Privacy Platform environment and your on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, the Privinity Runtime software carries out the actual anonymization, ensuring that your data is always protected and remains within your organization.

Connect, configure, and anonymize.

Through anonymization flows, you have full control over how you protect which privacy-sensitive attributes.

Fully in control

Choose how you protect privacy-sensitive attributes by selecting from a wide range of different anonymization methods, including randomization, generalization, and pseudonymization.

Maintain the usability of anonymized data

Our anonymization methods make sure your data is fully protected and usable at the same time.


Protect your entire data platform

Provide your entire data platform with consistently anonymized data that remains linkable, even across different systems and platforms!

Plan a Proof of Concept

Curious about how the Privinity Privacy Platform can protect the privacy sensitive data within your organization? Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), we demonstrate all the capabilities within your own environment right away!