Get started with data privacy protection easily and quickly


The Privinity Privacy Platform is designed for rapid implementation with minimal IT dependencies and management. This allows you to get started with implementing your data privacy protection measures faster than ever before!

Key advantages

Centralized but isolated Cloud environment

All your settings and configurations are securely stored centrally within your own Privinity Privacy Platform environment.

Anonymized on-premises, configure in the Cloud

The anonymization of privacy-sensitive data always occurs within your own IT infrastructure through the Privinity Runtime client.

Up and running in just a few minutes thanks to a straightforward implementation.

Linking your IT infrastructure to your personal Privinity Privacy Platform environment is almost entirely automated during the installation of the Privinity Runtime client.

Stay up-to-date

Receive automatic updates within your Privinity Privacy Platform environment and the Privinity Runtime client.

No need to be a data expert

Our wizards and algorithms support and advise you in all actions you perform. Privacy-sensitive data is automatically detected, and we provide advice on the best way to protect it.

How it works


Connect your on-premises infrastructure to your Privinity Privacy Platform environment

Bridge the gap between your on-premises data sources and the Privinity Privacy Platform using the Privinity Runtime client. The Privinity Runtime client ensures the secure anonymization of your data within your own on-premises infrastructure, while control and monitoring are centralized within your own Privinity Privacy Platform environment.


Connect to the data sources you want to protect

Through the Privinity Runtime client, you can connect to various types of datasets, ranging from individual files in CSV format to complete databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.


Discover privacy-sensitive data within your data source using our AI algorithms.

Our AI algorithms automatically assess your dataset for privacy-sensitive data and provide recommendations on how to protect it. Even after making new adjustments to your data model, our AI algorithms continue to assist you, ensuring you never overlook privacy-sensitive attributes.



Protect privacy-sensitive attributes the way that fits your use-case

Customize the protection of each privacy-sensitive attribute according to your preferences by choosing from over 10 different anonymization methods. Further personalize your configuration by setting specific options, such as preserving data distributions or conditional anonymization that protects only specific data that meets the condition.

System requirements

Privinity Runtime requirements

Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or higher 
4 cores
Minimally 15GB of free space

Plan a Proof of Concept

Curious about how the Privinity Privacy Platform can protect the privacy-sensitive data within your organization? Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), we demonstrate all the capabilities within your own environment right away!