Integrate data privacy protection directly within your processes.


Integrate your Privinity Privacy Platform environment into your IT infrastructure and immediately anonymize all data sources that need protection.

Comprehensive support for various types of data sources

The Privinity Privacy Platform supports various types of data sources, including databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as CSV files.

Automate anonymization

Through our APIs, you can automate the scheduling, execution, and monitoring of anonymization runs from any process.

More than anonymization

In addition to the wide variety of anonymization methods, you can also perform other actions within the anonymization flows, such as running a custom script.

Integrate data privacy protection quickly and easily

Through the Privinity Runtime client you link your IT infrastructure to your Privinity Privacy Platform environment, allowing you to easily apply data privacy protection measures to all data sources within your infrastructure, both automatically and manually.

Automate activities by integrating with our APIs

Nearly all functionalities within the Privinity Privacy Platform have their own APIs. For example, you can automatically modify anonymization configurations, inventory privacy-sensitive data, access logs, and execute anonymization flows.

More than anonymization

In addition to a wide range of anonymization methods you can also include other activities within anonymization configurations, such as running a custom script. This allows you to further automate your anonymization process by integrating actions that need to be performed before, during or after anonymization.

Plan a Proof of Concept

Curious about how the Privinity Privacy Platform can protect the privacy-sensitive data within your organization? Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), we demonstrate all the capabilities within your own environment right away!