Privinity is the partner in the field of data privacy protection

With several decades of experience in IT, the founders of Privinity began specializing in data privacy protection in 2017. With our combined knowledge of data, laws and regulations, and de-identification techniques, we have a unique perspective on data privacy protection that has led to the development of the Privinity Privacy Platform. A unique combination of central management, distributed data privacy protection, and our own developed AI algorithms that enable privacy protection that perfectly fit your use-cases.

Annually, we protect the sensitive data of millions of individuals with our data privacy solutions. In 2023, we protected nearly 190 billion privacy-sensitive attributes for organizations in various sectors such as healthcare, government, and the housing association sector.

Furthermore, we help enable various research initiatives by protecting privacy-sensitive data. This allows data to be shared and used for multiple purposes while remaining usable and not traceable to individuals.

Our mission

Everyone should be able to trust that organizations collecting our data handle our privacy-sensitive information securely. We assist organizations in safely working with this data, allowing you to trust that your data is well-protected.

At the same time, we ensure that protected data remains usable for the organization that collected it, enabling them to continue researching, analyzing, testing, developing, and educating.

At Privinity, we call this data privacy protection without compromises, and that is exactly what we stand for!


Our customers