Customer Story

Hospital de Tjongerschans

Safe and production-like software release testing

Learn how hospital de Tjongerschans ensures the optimal protection of patient privacy during its testing process.

Douwe Jan Rienstra
Teamlead Functional Application Management
Ziekenhuis Tjongerschans

“We were looking for a partner who is close to us in terms of security, collaboration, and easy communication. In Privinity, we have found a reliable partner in the field of anonymization.”

Hospital de Tjongerschans is a regional hospital located in Heerenveen, serving an area of over 100,000 residents. As a regional hospital, it focuses on strong diagnostics and providing essential care for the region. The guiding principle is that healthcare should always be provided at the right place and by the right healthcare provider. Patient care pathways take precedence over specific healthcare products.

Hospital Tjongerschans places a high priority on the data privacy of its patients. Therefore, the hospital has chosen to optimize the protection of patient data within its testing and development environments through anonymization. This presented several challenges, including the anonymization process’s duration and finding the right balance between production-like testing and working with anonymized data.

The choice was made to implement Privinity due to its continuous product development and improvement, as well as the performance of the anonymization process. Privinity also offers the flexibility to easily expand anonymization to other systems used within the hospital.

With Privinity, hospital Tjongerschans can tailor the anonymization setup to align perfectly with the goals of the respective environment. This allows for production-like testing while ensuring the optimal protection of patient privacy.

Furthermore, Privinity is significantly faster in terms of anonymization compared to other solutions previously used by the hospital. Since refreshing a test or development environment is a time-critical task that must be completed within a fixed time window, anonymization performance is essential for the testing and development processes within the hospital.

Would you like to perform production-like testing with anonymized data, just like the Tjongerschans hospital?